Language Arts

Language Arts will focus on writing and research skills during the first quarter. Students have handed in their summer read projects and are moving onto skill expectations and practice.  Students should have an independant read going at all times.  They should read EVERYDAY for at least 20 min (reading other homework counts).  There will be a minimal amount of homework assigned IF students are on task in class.  Late work is not accepted without a parent note.

Nova students will have four core classes on team:  language arts, social studies, science and mathematics. Our aim is to integrate topics of study to help students make connections between academic subjects.  Below, you will find a brief overview of this year's curriculum.  



Problem solving, mathematical habits, fine tuning skills and developing proportional reasoning are all a focus this year in math for both 7th and 8th grade.  A successful year in math class would produce confident, independent learners with the ability to take notes, study topics, and ask deep meaningful questions.  


In a broad sense the 7th grade curriculum is based on "pre-algebra" and the 8th grade curriculum is based on a conceptual "linear algebra".  


*For more details check out the Math Page

Social Studies

Welcome to Social Studies on team Nova! This year we will study the history of the United States from the time of the early explorers to the Civil War. We will also spend some time studying current events, looking at how elections work, and doing short research projects. Each unit will cover a certain time frame in U.S. History. We will use many different resources including primary sources to understand, analyze, and discover the answers to the essential questions (EQ’s) and other questions that arise. For more information about Ms. Copp and Social Studies, click here.

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